The red planet mars

As you know Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. though we have not yet traveled there we have pictures from the satellites and the Valles Marineris. There are many mysterious things about mars like. Is there life out there? Can we travel there? Will we ever be able to live there? You get the point. I'll tell you all you need to know in this report.
The storms on Mars are like huge tornados or hurricanes. They can last one day or one month they are very unpredictable. There is one tornado on Mars that has been raging on its surface for just over three months. These storms or tornados consist of dust, iron, rocks and a lot of other thing that are on Mars' surface. Due to this it makes probes harder and harder to travel on its martian surface.
Mars has ice caps on its surface that aren't made of water but are made of almost pure carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide ice can also be known as dry ice. This ice forms when the gas freezes in the atmosphere and falls kind of like snow here on Earth. The carbon dioxide is what gives the ice caps a bluish color. These ice caps also show that there is a possibility that water may be on its surface. We will know for sure when we explore Mars completely in the future. These ice caps come and go because of season. The warming and cooling on the planet affects the climate and the weather.
Like here on Earth Mars has volcanos. Olympus Mons is the largest volcano ever. It is said to be at least fifteen miles high. Although it is not active because it is extinct. It used to erupt with great fury. There are other volcanos on Mars such as, Elysiun, and Tharsis that are still active and erupt constantly. The lava can flow for great distances and destroying everything in its path.
The Mariner 4 was thefirst successful probe to ever land on Mars' surface. The only evidence we got from it showed the Mars was a still dead planet. We sent two probes of in the 1976 suc

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