The Question of Cloning

Before I ever heard the presentation that was given on technology and cloning I already believed that we were getting dangerously close to trying to play God in our society today. During the presentation the group posed the question "Are we trying to play God?" In the presentation the group showed a tape of one of the group members asking random people if they thought cloning was a good idea. Every person that I can remember at some point in their answer said that it was a dangerous thing to try to mess with the creation process and in some sense try to play God. I agree totally with the people in that tape and I believe that as Christians we have to speak out about this matter and let people know the dangers of cloning.
The fact that it is very dangerous to try to play God is definitely the biggest factor in me not agreeing with cloning, but it is definitely not the only factor that makes cloning a bad idea. In the cloning of the sheep Dolly I believe that it took a few tries before they got the process right. This presents the question "Are we willing to take the chance of this not working?" I believe that we can definitely not afford to just treat humans like some kind of lab rat.
It seems to me that everyone has these perceptions that if you were to even accomplish cloning a human that it would look exactly like the person being cloned. The fact is that if you look at how Dolly the sheep ended up looking, she had a totally different colored face than her mom. So even if you wanted a clone of yourself it might end up looking like a totally different race.
The bottom line is that this is just morally wrong and it is sad that our society even contemplates doing this to humans. Technology is a powerful thing and the more it grows the more things like this will come up. We might not be able to stop cloning from happening, but we can warn people of the dangers. This I believe is the only thing we can do to …

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