The Quest by Wilbur Smith

Fourth in Wilber smith’s Egyptian series the novel “The Quest” is all about the kingdom of Pharoah Nefer Seti. Taita, the Long Liver, who has the power to live several human generations, and Warlock are the two principal characters around whom the story revolves. Taita also has several the supernatural powers.

He has the gift of the third eye; he can sense the aura of people and shrewdly assess the vibrations they emit. He can also tell whether they are good or evil.

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However his life is also a strange tragedy. He has been disfigured and turned into a eunuch while he was still a young man.

His secret sorrows include the fact that he can neither show himself to any woman nor sire a child. He has been the right hand man of several generations of Egyptian emperors and he holds sway over the twin kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt.

When the novel opens Taita’s twin Egypt is on the verge of destruction.

The river Nile, on which the entire civilisation of the kingdom depends, has dried up and Pharoah Nefer Seti has to send his trusted lieutenant Taita to the source of the river to find out what has stopped the life giving flow of the sacred river.

The Quest is about this search till the end of the civilised world where river Nile takes birth.

After fighting and winning battle after blood gory battle Taita finally enters the lair of the great witch Eos, the ethereal lady of the Devil. Taita’s brave soldier Meren loses an eye in a battle and Eos manages to get a seed planted in wound that grows into a new ‘third eye’. Can Eos do a similar medical magic to restore Taita’s manhood and, also, looks? The end provides the answer.

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