The Problems with Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargement surgery is still popular with women, despite the
dangers associated with it.One of the major problems with the breast
implants used in most enlargement surgeries is that they only tend to last
ten to twelve years – they tend to break in that time, and so, the woman
must undergo surgery again to replace the implants, which is painful and
expensive.In addition, if they break and leak, it is not usually at the
same time, and they can cause infections, too.More importantly, implants
can cause problems with mammograms and their effectiveness, so women with
implants have less success with breast cancer screening.Silicone gel
implants from several manufacturers, such as Dow Corning, were removed from
the market several years ago, which indicates just how problematic these
implants can be, but saline implants are still available, and these can
create just as many problems as the gel implants with leakage, infection,
There are other problems associated with breast implants and
enlargement, too.If silicone gel implants break, they can leak dangerous
silicone into the woman’s body, and they must be removed, again resulting
in additional surgery that can lead to scarring and pain.In addition,
“one published study from Harvard Medical School found a 24 percent higher
risk of connective tissue disease in women with silicone implants” (Garry
18).Many women have also reported that they have less sensation and
feeling in their breasts after the surgery, and some have had the implants
Breast implants can cause problems, but for many women, they are their
only hope of normalcy after breast cancer surgery, which is in direct
opposition to women who choose breast implants for cosmetic reasons.One
expert noted, “Between 1.5 million and 1.8 million American women received
silicone breast implants in 1997.Thirty percent of

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