The Possible Extinction of Cheetahs

It's hard to believe that an animal that I remember seeing at the zoo could disappear forever, any day.Cheetahs are very beautiful animals.When I read this story I wanted to learn more so I did some research on the subject.I found it to be interesting how they coax the animals to bread.
Cheetahs, which are the fastest land animals, are once again on the verge of becoming extinct.They are dying off in the wild as well as in captivity (zoos).The cheetahs have trouble breading in captivity.The program I am going to discuss has gone to great lengths to improve the reproductive odds, such as drugging and pampering females and using scents to entice the males.Scientist have known for years that cheetahs have been dying off in the wild.But now even captive populations are on the decline.In 1998 at least 40 cheetahs died in North American zoos, from either old age and from an AIDS-like disease.Right now there are only 250 cheetahs remaining on this continent.The latest birth of cheetahs was at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.Four cub cheetahs were born which is a sign of hope for breeding programs.A number of facilities have found that their female cheetahs do not seem to be cycling anymore.Hormone injections worked for the mother of the four cub!
s born in San Diego.The use of hormone treatments is relatively new, it has only been used within the past couple of years.
An effort has also been made to recreate the cheetah's living conditions in the wild.This includes offering them more privacy.Since females live alone in the wild, another key to breeding success is keeping males and females separated in captivity.Researchers must bring them together once a year during the breeding period, which lasts from three to four days.Pinpointing those days is not an easy task however.Biologists must look for behavior changes.Once they see a change, the release th

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