The Pledge

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America…" We daily quote these words but we rarely take into consideration what it's true meaning is. I believe all Americans should pledge their allegiance to our country my reasons are what follows.
I shall pledge my allegiance in my teen years by taking programs such as Student Council, which I am Vice President of our Jr. High. And FCCLA when I get into high school which prepares you for your future and you do things like pick up trash for your community. In high school there is a mentoring program which involves you to help younger kids learn by tootering and mentoring them.
Something I may be interested in when I get out of school may be the military. In the Navy I could keep my oath over seas, or the Air Force where I could hold it safe in the sky. Maybe the army where I could control it during a gun fight. It would be an honor to serve my country in a way I could be proud of. In the armed forces men and women sacrifice their lives to protect other Americans. So the men and women that have fought in wars should be appreciated for their courage.
Another high point in my career will be politics. Politics are the base of this country they serve and hold their pledge by siting in a room discussing laws and other things important to controlling this nation. Without Politics are country would be lost. As soon as I am Eighteen I will vote for our.
The main point I am coming to is that I am an American and my pledge will live on until I die and will hopefully rub off on to someone else who is in dire need.

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