The Pledge of Allegiance

Recently there has been controversy over whether or not the Pledge of Allegiance should be recited in public schools.People may ask where this controversy originates.It comes from the fact that most school teachers are liberals and liberal views are generally very strong, sometimes almost arrogant.They want to change things to increase personal freedom and tolerance, and are willing to empower government until they reach their goals.Liberals want to help individuals take more control over their own lives and they are secure in their beliefs.
If you stop and think about it, these views relate to the question in many ways.The boundary of personal freedom is crossed when you coerce someone to participate in an act such as this.In 1943 there was a court case, West Virginia State Board of Education vs. Barnette and after that case the Supreme Court now prohibits public schools from requiring students to pledge the flag.This case came about when Jehovah's Witnesses decided that their religion forbids them from saluting the flag and standing, in a way, still showed support.Once this was brought to court it was decided that the government may not require them to salute it or even stand for the salute if they didn't believe in it.
Well, now that you hear one side of it, let me give you my views.I feel that with our country under attack people should be doing everything they can to show patriotism.A month after the attack, October 11, there was an idea that every school across the nation should salute the flag at 2 o'clock, needless to say there were two school districts that prohibited their schools from participating due to students religious beliefs.What about that 90% of students whose religious beliefs are in God and in their country?Is it fair for them not to be able to participate?The whole controversy is over the addition of "under God" which was added

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