The Physics of Baseball by Robert K. Adair was a very interesting book, which revealed some fascinating information about the relationship between physics and the sport of baseball.Robert K. Adair revealed and uncovered so many interesting facts and observations about the sport.The book gave you some of the most unbelievable tidbits of information you will ever hear, and to think that they are backed up with a science is practically unfathomable.
In 1987, Bart Giamatti, who at the time was the president of the National League, to become the "Physicist of the National League", asked Robert K. Adair.Adair was a professor of physics at Yale, and was the only one selected.Adair's job was to research many of the original and most heated arguments of the physics and actual technicalities of baseball.Adair took to the field, butfirst brushed up on his baseball knowledge.Then Adair took off to study baseball, perform experiments, and write a report for the president of the National League, Mr. Giamatti.This was his dream job, and he drew up what he thought were the right calculations for many of the largest questions of baseball.Then when he reported it to Mr. Giamatti he was asked to make it a book, which he did.
This book was a great book, and was it not for this research far less people would be aware of some of the more basic principles of physics.Not only did was I interested in The Physics of Baseball, but it also taught me a great deal of information for physics that I can use in real life situations and in physics class.
The Physics of Baseball had lots of controversial information in it.For instance, just with the ball alone, so many people argue that a curve ball breaks 12-14 inches, but it is really just an optical illusion.However much you tell them they still won't believe you.It was also interesting to learn that a ball exceeding the speed of 100mph or below the speed of 50mph…

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