The physical and social environment for people with a disabi

Social, psychological and environment factors that affect the health of this client and should explain what health and social care provision has been designed to meet these needs.
The factors influencing the health of the family and individuals.
Therapeutic relationships and communication
Aspects of health promotion within professional practice.
Health promotion influences and is influenced by, not only the individual and the public, but politicians, pressure groups and you as a health care professional.
It involves you in defining terms, goals and needs, as well as negotiating priorities with your patients/clients and other interested parties. This unit enables you to contribute to practical programmes within your own location by supporting you to:
· assess the challenges you face in establishing, running, and evaluating a health promotion programme
· analyse ways in which health behaviour may be influenced by health promotion campaigns
· analyse how agencies plan, launch, manage and evaluate health promotion campaigns
· discuss ways in which health priorities are chosen within our society
All care journeys should reflect individual circumstances, but this is particularly important for people with physical disabilities, their families and those who care for them.
· people with disabilities and organisations such as the Disability Rights Commission will be fully involved in work to take forward this Plan
· as part of the new performance management framework we will monitor the training and awareness of NHS staff about existing good practice on disability issues
· we will improve physical access to health services, meetings and offices, including carrying out an accessibility audit of all NHS premises
· we will ensure that the NHS complies with the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act.
· we will expect each NHS Board to dem…

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