The Perfect Couple

I agree with the first reviewer here that said this book was seriously creepy. I was just cringing thinking about what was going to happen to the kidnapped Sam, but it wasn’t enough to make me stop reading, just the opposite, I couldn’t wait to see if she made it out ok or irreparably damaged by her ordeal. I also agree with the other reviewer that the romance was a little weak and really not much a part of the story at all, which is different than most of Brenda Novak’s book. It was appropriate for this story though b/c a mother terrified for her daughter’s safety and not knowing her whereabouts isn’t going to be jonesing for some guy night and day no matter how hot he is or how much he’s into her. I think it was handled appropriately and realistically for the characters and the situation and I can see her further developing their story a bit in future books where they are secondary characters dealing with The Last Stand.

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