The Pendulum

Galileo Galilee has expansively performed experiments on pendulums throughout his life, and has researched the parameters and characteristics of their motion. Through further investigation of the Parameters of the Pendulums, he was able to use them as time measurement devices later in his career. These Parameters included how the period of the pendulum is independent from its bob weight, how the period of the pendulum is independent of the amplitude or angle, and how the length of the pendulum varies with the period. Furthermore, through my experiments, I attempted to investigate these parameters, and delve into how the equation of the period in a pendulum functions. Moreover, these experiments too examine Galileo’s trials on the conservation of energy and gravity in a pendulum.
In Galileo’s “Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences”, he conducts experiments on how the period is independent of the bob weight. Moreover, In my experiment on how mass affects the period of the pendulum, different weights were placed on a string of the same length and amplitude. They were both suspended and dropped from an angle of 90 degrees and found to have approximately the same period. Galileo also performed this experiment in his “Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences”, by using Cork and Lead pendulums of the same length and hung them from his ceiling and measured the periods. For five of his trials, the cork was allowed to travel through ten oscillations and further compared to the number of oscillations of the leader during that time, and then this process was reversed for the two weights. Galileo further confirms his conclusion on how the mass affects his period
” If two balls, one of lead and one of cork, the former more than a hundred times heavier than the latter, and suspended them by means of two equal fine threads, each four to five cubits long. This free vibration repeated many times showed clearly that the heavi…

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