The Pedestrian

As this is a illion town with over a million inhabitants and there are avenues, I definitely think this would be if not a city of America then maybe a city in the western world. People are told to be quite like zombies, just sitting home in the evening after jobs, watching TV. The one thing about TV is that the people in this age, where the story is set, do not watch news and so, they only sit in front of the TV to be entertained. The walker himself is an old writer. He used to live on writing, but in 2053, there is no need for writers because magazines and books do not sell nymore.

The reason for this is that the TV has taken over. There is no longer any need for learning, just pure entertainment! However, the thing about this main character is that he does not fit into this world anymore. The world has grown from him, so there is not even a profession called writer anymore. This is seen when Leonard says: “l guess you’d call me a writer. ” And the police replied: “No profession. ” I believe that the reason for this is that he is the only thinking citizen left on earth! In this society to be, normal just means you are this stereotypical erson without any personality at all.

Even today, we live in a society where it is “illegal” to be different from one another and according to Ray Bradbury. This problem will only get worse in the future. However, what does Mr. Mead do that is so unusual for the society in 2053? The answer is simple – He walks! That is also, why the police car stops him. The reason why I say the instead of a police car is that this is the only police car in a city with over three million inhabitants. This might seem quite strange if you just for a moment imagine how many cars here are in Copenhagen daily traffic.

He is simply the most suspicious person in the whole city. Why would a person walk in the evening, when he could stay home watching these “thrilling” entertainment programs? And this is the reason for him being arrested – He simply taken to “the Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies” – just for being a unique person in this version of the 21st century. Not only it is considered as suspicious getting caught walking on the roads, it is interpreted as a sign of psychological/mental illness.

The title The Pedestrian” refers to the main character who, as already told, likes walking in the evenings. The writer has chosen for the main character to be a pedestrian because he is so special for this culture..

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