The Pain Of Animals

The Pain of Animals is an excellent article written by David Suzuki, which among
other issues focuses on and raises questions about the pain animals feel and suffer for the
benefit of human scientific research.Other views discussed are David's personal
David talks about an experience he had growing up as a young boy hunting game
in the wild with his BB gun and eventually, as a teenager moving up to a 22-caliber rifle.
He saw an advertisement for a slingshot and decided to order it.After weeks of practice
he felt ready to hunt live game with his new weapon and skills.He came across a
squirrel, which as he puts it, "was doing whatever squirrels do" and began to pursue his
prey.After cornering his hunt in a tree the squirrel began crying and sobbing.The sound
of the squirrel being scared to death had such a strong effect on young David that he
Fishing was the only form of animal catching David continued to perform.David
had never fished for "sport", nor did he believe in it.For David fishing for consumption
was the only form of fishing he involved himself in, with the exception of one occasion,
while taping a television report on "the science of fly fishing".During the taping he was
required to catch the fish and release them all back into the water.The sight of the
markings on the mouths of the fish was so disturbing to him that he never considered the
While spending a weekend on the Queen Charlotte Islands, David had the
opportunity to watch grey whales from up close.Observing the whales in the wild was
nothing like he'd seen in the Vancouver Public Aquarium.No matter how large the
aquarium, it could never compare to the freedom and happiness their relatives had in their
David raises an excellent point when he discusses that

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