The New World

Environment of "The New World"

Environment is defined as all the external factors that influence life, including light and food supply. Some of the greatest nations to be influenced by their environments are those of thefirst civilizations of the New World, the Americas. "The New World" to me is considered North and South America, focusing on the United States later in history. This Continents environment varies extremely: from hot to cold, mountain highs to valleys low. Exactly when thefirst inhabitants of the New World occurred is unknown exactly. Estimates gather it occurred around fifteen thousand years ago by Homo sapiens. The New World found by what they say, Christopher Columbus, is like finding a river in the Desert.North and South America have incredible resources to utilize, followed by very encouraging weather.
The Americas to me represent the fruit of the planet, as far as their environment goes. They have land that is very habitable to hunt, fish, build and explore. The land is also very maneuverable for the most part and creates great conditions for trade. Thefirst settlers of North America, Americans were hunters and gatherers. These nomadic people lived close to their food supply. If they were promising farmers is unknown, but there is evidence of squash and legumes. Farming on these soils is very feasible, due to the weather conditions and nice climate. Thefirst real civilization appeared in the Yucatan Peninsula, early as 5000 B.C.
Teotihuacán is considered Americasfirst Metropolis, its thirty miles northeast of Mexico City. The greatness of this city is rivaled to that of Rome in sophistication and size. The Architecture is amazing and very well organized and planned. Huge Pyramid like buildings was created by the people there. The city inhabiting as many as one hundred and fifty thousand people, making it rather large for a nomadic time. This area is now known as Central …

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