The New Science of Technical Analysis

I heard the author speak a few years ago and was bowled over by all the information he covered. I concluded he was either a phenomenal salesman or he was truly an exceptional student of the market. i bought this book as well as one of his other two(?).

I knew that if i truly wanted to digest what he presented I had to be committed to studying his techniques. Frustration reigned and interruptions only served to hamper my understanding.

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Finally, after losing countless dollars on sham techniques I learned at seminars and reading books by others I was determined to give the author a serious try.

I never regretted this decision. While nothing is perfect in the investment business I can certainly represent that the author’s ideas are fresh, innovative, original and and have enhanced by trading performance markedly.

Sure I still have losers and nothing is infallible but his techniques are the closest I have come to providing me with the knowledge and game plan to be a successful trader. Yes, I am making money, lots of it. No, I am not going to share what of his many tools have I found to be the most helpful.

That is your job and if for no other reason, it is because some of the methods I may have found to be not to my liking may very well be suited to you and trading psycho. In any case, welcome to the world of a one of a kind trading mind. The author is special and so are his indicators.

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