The New Gold

Through out time scientists have been fascinated by the wonders and creations of earth. From minerals to natural resources theses marvels had mesmerized people through out the centuries. One major factor in this is the discovery of elements and how everything is put together. It takes time and effort to discover and take data on these elements the one in particular will be spoken of is Platinum.
Julius Scaliger discovered platinum in 1735. The origin is from the Spanish word platina, which means little silver. The earliest known usage of platinum is from an Egyptian inscription from 700 B.C. There was also some found in Egyptian jewelry but scientists believe it was used by coincidence. Thefirst discovery of Platinum in the America's was by the Indians and later discovered by Spanish when they conquered Columbia. IT was an annoyance because it had to be separated in the gold washings so that's where it founds its name. From these discoveries, this appeared in the journal of Don Antonio de Qlloa, and this was later published in 1748. Awakening European scientists who identified, named, and determined the properties of the new metals for the next century. (Earth Science for Students, 121)
Platinum is a beautiful precious, silver-white metal that is even more valuable than gold. When Platinum is pure, it is soft and flexible. It has coefficient of development almost equal to that of soda-lime-silica glass.The symbol for this element is Pt and is classified as a Transition metal. It's atomic number us 78, and its atomic mass is 195.08. The crystal structure is cubic. The melting point of Platinum is 17720 C and the boiling point is 3827 C. (Bentor, 2)
Platinum is a commonly used element. Scientists frequently use platinum, because the metal resists heat. So Platinum is often found in large parts of production equipment. It is used for doctors constantly. The best surgical equipment is made out of Platinum. Platinum…

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