The new Age of Science

Time is passing by us and new scientists are developing new theories and ideas.New discoveries are being made on the atom that show it is more complex than anyone expected.One of the well known Polish-born French scientists is Marie Curie.She is presently experimenting with radioactivity and has found that the atoms of certain elements, such as radium and uranium spontaneously release charged particles.As she and other scientists study radioactivity further, they are proving that atoms are not solid and invisible.She has won two Nobel peace prizes, one in physics and one in chemistry.Her fame is growing worldwide and she is one of the most respected scientists today.German-Born Physicist Albert Einstein is expanding his theories of relativity.To date, Einstein is debating that measurements of space, are not absolute, but are determined by many factors.Some of us believe that he may be wrong in what he says, some believe he is absolutely correct.With his brilliance, he is developing equations such as E=mc (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.)His books are currently being published and are cathcing.Einstein is even debating the laws of Newton.Many people and scientists say that he is a complete genius and that we can expect big things from him in the future.All in all science is changing rapidly and is much different than we have seen before.We can expect to see great things, not only from Marie Curie and Albert Einstein, but other new and rising scientists.

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