The Negatives of Cloning

"Human life is a creation, not a commodity, and should not be used as research material for reckless experiments," quoted George Bush. Clearly, the topic of cloning presents much controversy in the United States. Many believe immediate action should be taken to create nationwide cloning bans and ensure safety from the potential threats this procedure presents. The negatives of cloning include low success rates, numerous ethical issues, and regulation problems.
The process of cloning carries many dangers throughout society including identity theft, control issues, and attempts to create a superior race. Most would agree that Hitler's vision of Germany, the perfect race, was unethical and immoral. Yet, if cloning was permitted it would be unlocking the door to this very same concept. Also, how can one possibly control who has the right to clone a human being. Would cloning be restricted to the patient's family, or would the government be able to intervene? Another issue includes the possibility of identity theft. One could create a clone with the sole intent of using it as an assassin. The clone would have the exact DNA of its original parent; therefore, the parent could be falsely committed of the crime. Still, difficulties in cloning the organism itself might create several problems.
Previous experiments and research in cloning have clearly shown low success rates. Dolly, thefirst successful cloned mammal, is considered the most infamous cloning achievement. The female sheep was born July 5, 1996 in Edinburgh, Scotland. While Dolly appears as a scientific marvel and displays cloning success, one usually does not see that she was the only survivor of 227 original eggs. As stated by BBC news, "For every living clone, there are usually hundreds of failures. A staggering 97% of cloning attempts don’t work.; Furthermore, if one were to examine the animals which were cloned, they would notice the major

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