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partners. Both sexes believed that homogamy is associated with happy and lasting relationships (Knox 1).” Many male and female college students prefer to date someone of the same caliber as himself or herself. “Both sexes believed that homogamy is associated with happy and lasting relationships. Homogamy refers to individual initiative toward sameness. The homogamy theory states that individuals tend to be attracted to and become involved with those who are similar to themselves in such characteristics as values, education, and age (Knox 1).” Many students who may not have a mate at the present time may choose an undesirable partner and will allow themselves to do things that they may not necessary want to do or find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation. When males or females, college or non-college-students make this choice their situation may become bleak. A female or male that becomes sexually active with an undesirable mate may incur an unwanted pregnancy. *Relatio!
nship Problems (Challenges) Domestic Violence Many males and females may also suffer from domestic violence. "…Domestic violence occurs when spouses, intimate partners or dates use physical abuse, threats, emotional abuse, harassment or stalking to control the Dating Relationship 4 behavior of their partners…'In studies of domestic violence on college campuses across the nation, the results are sobering' …there are many symptoms that can escalate to violent behavior. One is aggressive behavior, where feelings of anger or hurt are expressed by destroying property of sentimental value. Another is physical coercion of restraint, where individuals refuse to allow there partners to leave a situation…Those are certainly danger signs…Davis said once someone crosses the barrier where raised voices escalate to physical violence, the frequency and severity of abuse usually increase. …The biggest challenge for victims is to ask someone for help…

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