The Nature of Psychology

Psychology, as we know it today, is the science of behavior and mental processes.It helps us to understand why people think, feel, and act the way they do.Psychology is a science just like Biology and Philosophy, both of which have had a major impact on psychology.Psychology is a word that encompasses many aspects, but probably the best way to understand it's exact definition is to understand that it focuses solely on being a science of behavior and mental processes. The word "psychology" itself has a route in Greek language as meaning "knowledge about soul life".
The symbol for psychology also happens to be a Greek symbol known as "psi".Psi is a letter from the Greek alphabet and is from where we get the word Psychology, and other related terms beginning with "Psych-".There are many components that make up psychology, and each component has a corresponding face that goes with it.Body of knowledge is one such component and its face is teaching.Another component is the set of investigative methods which has the face of research.Lastly, array of techniques is a component and therapy is its face.
Psychology has certain goals for understanding behavior that it tries to accomplish through various methods.The basic, general goals of psychology is to answer what, why when, and how."What" is for a description, to describe the behavior."Why" is an explanation, to try and explain why the behavior is the way it is."When" is a prediction
of behavior that predicts a certain time for a particular issue."How" is used when we want to modify behavior in behavior modification.
There are many specialized sub fields within psychology, being that it is such a broad science.Clinical psychologists are in one sub-field of psychology that I would personally find to be the most interesting.Their job description is more or less working …

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