The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) ha

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have three very clear and simple points in its mission statement. Thefirst point is to relay scientific knowledge of the Earth, solar system, and the universe to the rest of the world. The second point is made to advance human exploration of space and to develop it. The final point made is to continue to advance in space technology.
NASA uses many different programs, which they call Strategic Enterprises, to help carry out their missions and visions for the future. Thefirst three have to do with the understanding of life on Earth and the universe itself. The Earth Science Enterprise (ESE) looks toward the Earth and its natural processes to further understand humanity, as well as space. The Space Science Enterprise (SSE) charts the universe in order to try to understand it. It tries to find the answers of our existence, the universe, and other life in that universe. The third enterprise of understanding is the Biological and Physical Research Enterprise (BPR). BPR conducts the basic and applied research in order to explore outer space. This program will make exploration safe for us to travel and possibly colonize space.
The last two enterprises have to do with the actual exploration of the solar system and beyond. Thefirst is the Human Exploration and Development of Space Enterprise (HEDS). The program's goal is to explore the frontier of space in safe conditions. The program is also working to make it possible for humans to work and live in space
permanently. The final enterprise is called Aerospace Technology Enterprise (ATE). This program's main function is to advance flight technology to make travel to space safer for humans and less damaging to our environment on Earth and in space.
NASA obtains most of its funding from the U.S. government's budget. Recently the budget called for over $40 billion to be dumped into NASA and space exploration. …

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