The Motives of Jeffrey Dahmer

It's a beautiful day.The sun is out and the birds are chirping.Breakfast is ready and the kids are actually cooperating with their morning rituals preparing for school.You sit down at the kitchen table with a steaming cup of coffee, breathing in serenity, as you begin to indulge yourself into the morning paper.And that's when it happens."HOUSE OF HORRORS UNCOVERED WITH THE ARREST OF LOCAL CANNIBAL KILLER," is what the headline read.To the cynics, this would not create much concern.But, for most of us in the summer of 1991, the horrors that were uncovered in apartment 213 on Milwaukee'sNorth 25th St.sent shockwaves through the country.Jeffrey Dahmer commanded the attention of all America, creating a buzz about the term "cannibal" and resparking debates about the phenomenon of the serial killer.When the carnage was over the body count had risen to 17.All of Dahmer's victims were minority men.Typically Dahmer would go to a gay bar, seduce a chosen man, and bring him back to his apartment.He often lured them to his place by offering them money to take nude photos of them.Once they were in his apartment they would drink and have sex.At some point Dahmer would mix up a drink with powdered Halcion and give it to the victim.The Halcion immediately made the victim pass out. Once the victim was unconscious he would continue to have sex with them.His next step was to kill them by strangulation.When the victim was deceased Dahmer would then have sex with them again before the process of dismemberment began.Dahmer chopped up his victims.Some of the body parts were eaten by Dahmer and saved in the freezer.The other parts of the body ended up in a barrel of acid Dahmer had concocted to disintegrate the cadavers.What kind of a human being does this?If we could find what motivates one to commit such atrocities, wouldn't w

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