The Mockingbird

Throughout the biological world there are many interesting birds. The Mockingbird, for example, is famed for its many interpretations or mimicking sounds. The Mockingbird or Mimus polyglottos is known for mimicking almost any bird sound…and singing in the middle of the night (Chaffee Zoological Gardens). Besides its own rapturous song, the mockingbird's repertoire has been known to include over 40 different sounds including the barking dog (Learning About the Mockingbird). By far the mockingbird is one of the famous birds in North America because of its mimicking sounds.
The Mockingbird, being a good mimicker, also needs a reasonable habitat in order to live. Mainly spread throughout North America, the birds seek open territory and non-industrial land. In addition, they are largely found in southern states of United States and northern Mexico where land is open and more abundant for natural resources. Mockingbirds require open grassy areas for their feeding, thick, thorny shrubs for hiding the nest, and high perches where the male can sing and defend his territory (Learning About the Mocking Bird). The Mockingbird is also famous for settling down in household gardens where they can feed more on natural substances such as berries.
The locomotion that the Mockingbirds use to travel from habitat to habitat is flying. The flight of the Mockingbird is performed by short jerks of the body and wings, at every one of which a strong twitching motion of tail is perceived. This motion is still more apparent while the bird is walking, when it opens its tail like a fan and instantly closes it again (Audubon). Therefore, they can fly at an instant spring to the air. When a particular Mockingbird flies it flies by day and mainly in short distances, like tree to tree, rather than field to tree, and near the tree line so it can avoid predators like hawks, owls, and snakes.
Throughout the feeding preferences the Mockingbir

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