The Milgaard Case

If one was asked to think of one phrase to describe the Milgaard case the only
phrase which would be suitable and appropriate would be the old saying "at the wrong
place, at the wrong time". Mr.Milgaard's whole case revolves around those words.
His trial is one full of corruption, misleading and dishonesty by the people and system
that we trust in daily.It is an example of a misidentify and the incapability of the justice
system to provide the Mr.Milgaard with a fair and equal trial since the beginning of this
On January 30, 1969, a 16 year old David Milgaard decided to take a road trip
accompanied by his friends Ron Wilson and Nicholl John.Their trip would take them
from Regina to other destinations in the west part of Canada.It was also decided that
they would stop in Saskatoon to visit Milgaard's friend Albert Cadrain.In the early
hours of January 31 the trio arrived at Saskatoon looking for the Cadrain house.None
knew the city well and although Milgaard had visited his friend before he could only
remember certain vantage points.Around 7:00 am, they arrived at a motel where they
asked the manager for directions to Albert's house.However, shortly after, they became
stuck in an alley way and took shelter in Mr. Walter Danchuk's house, the owner of the
car that they had been stuck behind. They arrived at Albert's house around 9:00 am and
then spend the rest of the day waiting for their car to be fixed.After their car had been
fixed they set out once again in their trip. On the same day, roughly at 8:30 am the
stabbed and sexually assaulted body of nursing assistant Gail Miller was found a block
from Albert's house in an alley way.
When the group returned to Regina, Albert was arrested for vagrancy.He was
questioned by the police and initially denied any connection by him or the others to the
Saskatoon murder.Howev…

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