the megalodon

Subclass-Elasmobranchii (sharks and rays)
I was in front of the TV watching shark week on the discovery channel
when they started to talk about this shark that was three times bigger then a great
white shark and ate whales for food.I sat there for an hour intrigued by the
thought of one of those living today.So when you gave out the reports I knew
right away what I wanted to do it on the Megalodon.
Sharks have been around for along time.They were here before the
dinosaurs 350 million years ago. About 5 million years ago the ocean was ruled by
a shark speculated to be the size of a bus.Its not known how big it was or what it
looked like because sharks bones are made of cartilage and the only things that
remain are their huge teeth.These teeth are as big as six inches long and
weight up to twelve ounces.The teeth look like a great whites but four times
bigger.Scientist once believed that they were 120ft in length because of the size
of their teeth.Recently, it has been shrunk to 50 to 60 feet.There is a lot of these
teeth which Probably means they had rows of teeth like the great whites five rows
of them. Because there is so few fossils there is still a lot of mystery to the
The Megladon shark wasfirst discovered by a French paleontologist Louis
Agassiz in 1835.It is not known where the tooth was found.Now days most of
the megalodon teeth are found on the East Coast in Maryland and North and South
Carolina and in Florida. Lots of people also collect their teeth and sell
them.A 5-inch tooth in good condition goes for about $250.
There are many speculations about the megalodon shark what they

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