The Major Threats Caused By Depletion Of Resources

Resources are the things that we can extract from the earth. Industries, which extract the earth's resources, include mining, forestry and oil extraction. Present-day civilisation is based upon a massive utilisation of non-replaceable minerals and fuels such as coal, oil and natural gasses. Other materials such as cotton, wool timber and foodstuffs, if utilised sensibly can be replenished.
The earth's natural resources are there for us to use. We need water, food, air, energy, medicines, warmth, shelter and minerals. These keep us fed, comfortable, healthy and alive. If we use the resources carefully then they will last indefinitely. But if we use them wastefully and excessively, they will soon run out and everyone will suffer.
Deforestation in the tropics is on the rise. Humans currently cut or burn down more than 100 acres a minute. Some forest is cleared to make way for farmland; the rest is cut for timber and to feed the demands of the paper industry. The rainforests are very important because they produce oxygen, they regulate the world's climate, preserve different species and they yield a variety of different products. The rainforests are also cleared for farming, land, roads, railways, fuel production, (such as charcoal) and mineral extraction (such as gold and iron ore).
There are many consequences connected with destruction of the rainforests. The main one being global warming. This is caused because less carbon dioxide is being consumed and the less oxygen being produced, more carbon dioxide will remain in the atmosphere thus contributing more greenhouse gas, which in turn will see a rise in the temperature of our planet.
Once we have used all of the energy from fossil fuel extraction (oil, coal and gas) that the earth has, there will be no more for millions of years. Fossil fuels are not replenishable, therefore we should be more sensible in how we use this resource.

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