The life of Normal Stars like

The Life of "Normal" Stars, like our Sun:
Have you ever wondered if the stars ever died?Our Sun is a star that is already traveling down the road to dying but though it may take millions of years but it is happening.There are certain stages that the Sun and stars with the same mass will go through to die.
Thefirst stage is the Protostar stage.A normal star with a normal mass of Hydrogen and a large diameter will begin.In this stage, the Sun had a diameter five times of what the Sun has now.Gravity pulls the Protostar into itself which causes energetic flares.The flares areHydrogen and other element particles due to shifts in it developing magnetic field.However, the star does not have a core yet.When the contraction between gravity and temperature starts to be sufficient enough, it will begin a process called Hydrogen-fusion, which will change Hydrogen into Helium (Lochner 1 of 3).Theories state that the temperatures while the fusion is occuring are around five to ten billion degrees Celsius.Then the star will begin to have a core.
1. Thefirst reaction for the fusion fuses two protons of Hydrogen together.It then produces an isotope of Hydrogen called Deuterium, a positron, which is the exact opposite of an electron, and an electron neutrino:
A proton has has a positive charge and is one unit in mass.When it is added during fusion it may split into two particles, a neutron with no charge and one unit in mass , and a positron with a positive charge and no mass.
2. The second reaction fuses one Deutrerium atom with another Hydrogen proton and then produces an isotope of Helium and a gamma ray:
This is the process called fusion and the Helium will start new reactions.Some stars will age slower than others depending on their Hydrogen content (Dreyer 1 of 1).Now the protostar is ready to become a main-sequence star.The new core begins to react and produces x-rays, though th

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