The Lead Up to Gulf War II

The United States wants to launch a pre-emptive attack on Iraq. The US alleges that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction with intentions to use them against the US and its allies. There is growing skepticism about America's claims and worldwide as anti-war demonstrations against any kind of military force against Iraq have come about. The weapons inspectors from the UN are trying to find these weapons in Iraq despite the Iraqi government's claims that they don't have anything they aren't supposed to have.

America's case against Iraq
The US has presented mostly circumstantial evidence, such as intercepted conversations between military leaders in Iraq, and satellite photos. In those intercepted conversations, the people were talking about evacuating ammunition. The people weren't talking about destroying it of giving it up for inspection. The US believes that Iraq never abandoned its weapons program. Many missiles that were left over from the Gulf war were unaccounted for wen Iraq released details of all the weapons the country has.

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Iraq's Weapons
In early September, a report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) supported the American argument that Saddam Hussein has never given up his quest for a nuclear bomb. The IISS report suggests that Iraq could put together a nuke within months if it could get enough plutonium of uranium. It also says that Iraq has been able to keep together its scientists. Although the technology has been destroyed by the Gulf War, the knowledge still exists. However, quite a few obstacles are in Iraq's way if it wants to possess nuclear weapons. Before the Gulf War, Iraq could have been close to producing enough uranium its weapons, but the war stopped the work on it. Sanctions from the United Nations means that Iraq no longer has the facilities needed to make a nuclear bomb. In addition, Iraq would have to import resources to make …

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