The laws Governing Marijuana

In today's day and age certain American laws are or seem to be flawed a bit. The legal system is in place to serve and protect. We are guaranteed certain freedoms as Americans, but the reality is we really aren't all that free. The legalization of marijuana is a pressing issue in our socioety today. It is in America's best interest to examine its laws on this matter. There is no need for complete and total legalization on all forms. However there is a need for decriminalization and tolerance. The law should be changed and reexamined.
As the law stands it is unlawful for any American to posses, grow, or smoke marijuana.No one should be allowed to grow marijuana, except for government-licensed growers.The growers should distribute the product as they see fit, but only to businesses. By the time marijuana reaches the public's hands it should be heavily taxed, much in the same way as tobacco.The money the government could make on the taxes alone would get the national debt in a better standing.The goal would be for the government to control all aspects of production and distrobution. With this new law in place the idea would be to erase black markets sales.
Any black market sales should be strictly dealt with in a legal way. This is something that is in place today in our country. These punishments should actually strengthen, and hopefully scare peopl for the black market.In that event people would be less likely to buy black market product, and and the same time be less likely to sell as well. This could further progress this law along the way. Marijuana being illegal actually increases the national debt.This may not seem like a big deal to you, but in the eyes of many American's it is.Billions of dollars go out every year in black market purchases of marijuana.The government could make those billions back easily if they legalized and taxed this product.
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