The Kingdom of Numbers

This Mathematical story is about a large, flat land called Cartesian Plain, which a group of numbers lived in. However, the problem that they had was that if one number thought that they where big a bigger number always appeared. So, it was impossible to rule for a long time, the time limit would be only a few seconds. Therefore, the reason for this is that numbers are endless.
This land had different social curriculums. This means that the positives were considered aristocracy, while the negatives were the peasants of the kingdom. The positives were very unhappy because they didn't want the negatives to be around. This was because they say that "they cant add anything to society". The negatives worshiped their own God, while the positives believed it as an anti-God. As the conflict over who is to be king continued, the negatives plot was to take over. However, a mutant was born; the mutant was just more than a number. As the mutant became older he showed no tendency toward the negatives or the positives. Since he never amounted to anything he was called "0". The older he got the more interest he had in politics. He would attend the negative and the positive get-togethers, which where dangerous because the negatives meetings where illegal. Suddenly, that's when his dilemma begins.
He was caught and brought to trial for treason and heresy. He had a lawyer named 1,800,000, and the prosecutor was named Pie. However, one of the witnesses said that he saw 0 going to the negative meetings. The lawyer tries to defend 0 by claiming that the square root of 2 is irrational and radical.
The judge says that the square root of two is positive, and that he must be heard. The courtroom was in deep silence. .438 presented their demands as negative numbers. He desired an equal right with the positives. They didn't want to be judged by their outward signs, but by their absolute value. If they are rejected th…

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