The Internet should be Censord

"Why the Internet Should be Censored"
Censorship, just the mention of the word alone, to some people, seems to threaten or somehow put into jeopardy our freedom of speech which we so dearly treasure and believe to be our innate right as citizens of the United States. Many flag waving Americans, with all the good intentions in the world, are ready to fight for the "Letter of The Law", no matter how horrendous the consequences might be.
I do not believe that Thomas Jefferson and our great forefathers, even as keen and intelligent as they were, had any inkling as to the incredible complexities that the new technological society of today would hold. They wrote in the best of faith for the common, decent, simple man, with great respect, and with as much foresight as they could envision for that time. That was back in 1788, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania which was in a much smaller and certainly much less sophisticated United States. I can't imagine that these great men, in all their wisdom, could possibly have envisioned serial rapists, serial murderer, child molesters, skin heads, nazis, much less the computer age and the intricate connection that they share.
Today because it is the year 2000, soon to be 2001, sadly, we all know the words serial rapist, serial murder, child molester, skin head, and nazi. We see them on the internet, and we see them on the news. Do these two worlds connect? They certainly do, they collide! The internet, which was mostly supported financially by pornography when it wasfirst conceived, (shocking, but a fact) has now become a somewhat safe hiding place and home for any psycho, pervert, or hate monger who has $21.95 a month to invest. This is the same internet, in which my family and yours also live.
A while ago, my little sister wanted to find a Barbie web-site. I already knew that child molesters often use names like that to lure in little girls. They enter Pokemon…

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