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By the end of the 20th century the environmental movement and its issues have become a major role in the lives of most US residents.They recycle, join environmental groups, protest, buy eco-friendly products, and include the environment as part of their criteria for voting for candidates.Although the Sierra Club had endorsed Clinton in the 1992 presidential election, the organization, as well as many other environmentalists, had expressed disappointment with hisfirst term. In the year preceding the 1996 election, Clinton returned to the pro-environment policies he stood for earlier in his administration.In August 1996 dangers to Yellowstone National Park were averted when the administration negotiated an agreement with the firm to held gold-mining rights nearby.The Clinton-Gore victory in 1998 promised to keep a pro-environmental president and vice president in office.The most domination international environmental event in 1997 was the Climate-Change Conference held in Kyoto, Japan, in November.Of the many issues to be discussed by the international conference, the cutting of emissions of head-taping greenhouse gases was the most important.The Clinton administration, allied with the Republican-led Senate opposed this view, arguing that because the warming of the atmosphere opposed this view, arguing that because the warming of the atmosphere by greenhouse gases was global concern, all countries must hare in the solution.On Dec 11, 1997, the Kyoto Conference reached an agreement, known as the Kyoto Protocol that set legally binding limits on the man-made emissions of greenhouse gases from 38 industrialized countries. President Clinton agreed to sign the Kyoto Protocol, but he would not submit the agreement to the Senate for its constitutional role of advice and consent until key developing countries agreed to "participate meaningfully" in the effort. April 1998 had seemed to be a high point for environment…

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