The influence of Race on PDA

Influence of Race on Views About Public Displays of Affection
This Correlational study involved constructing an attitude scale to measure public displays of affection (PDA). The scale had an alpha coefficient of .81, which indicated that it had a high internal consistency.The validity was confirmed due to the correlations between the validity check questions being highly correlated with the total PDA scores. Some races, such as Latin American, are more likely to display affection in public, than others, such as Asian. It was hypothesized that race is going to have an influence on PDA scores. Twenty-item, 7-point scale, questioners were given out to 127 college students.ANOVA analysis was used to get the results of F test=1.926, p-value= .129. The means for the four races were as follows: Caucasian=5.27, Africa-American=4.6893, Latino=5.0, and Asian=5.0167. The results indicated that race did not seem to have an effect on the type of response on the PDA questionnaire.
nfluence of Race on Views About Public Displays of Affection
They are everywhere: the couples out in public with their tongues down each others throat and a serious case of wondering hands. It's enough to make you shout, "Get a room!" All the couples have to find their own comfort level when it comes to public displays of affection. Many couples find themselves in a situation in which one partner is totally into PDA, while the other prefers a more "hands off' approach. Seeing people make out in public might be bothersome to some people, but not at all bothersome to others. In differences in reactions to these displays might be due to certain characteristics which the person posses. For instance, in certain cultures, such as Latin America, public displays of affection seems to be more acceptable than in those cultures that see PDA less acceptable, such is Asia.
In his study, Wells (1…

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