The Hunter gatherer era

The Stone Age was a time early in the development of human cultures before the use of metals when tools and weapons were made of stone, and human food was mainly produced from hunting and gathering.The dates of the Stone Age vary considerably for different parts of the world and even until very recently there were some cultures that lived in much the same way as the hunter-gatherers of thousands of years ago.
In the Stone Age, the hunting and gathering of food was the norm.The males of this time specialized in hunting – usually with stone-tipped weapons, while the females gathered items."Incidental tools" were thefirst tools to be used.These tools were stones, sticks and other such items that the early humans found just lying about.Next came "dawn stones" – thefirst stone tools to be fashioned.These were usually crudely chipped pebbles or flaked stone implements that were used for many purposes, but dawn stones also included the stone and anvil which was used for breaking bones open to get to the marrow deep inside.Over time, a wide variety of tools were made for many purposes.By about 100,000 years ago, humans already had several types of stone tools and were using bone and wood implements as well.
As time went by, these modern humans (Homo sapiens) made such specialized tools as bone needles, bone fishhooks, nets, hand axes, choppers, scrapers, backed knives, burins, points, spears, and wooden bows & sharp stone-tipped arrows.
Needles were used to sew animal skins together for clothing using sinews as the thread.Fishhooks and nets were used to catch fish.Hand-axes could be used for cutting meat, scraping skins, chopping wood, digging holes, and hammering bone or wood.Choppers were used for smashing bones open to obtain marrow, hacking wood, softening meat, and possibly as a primitive hammer.Scrapers were deployed for dressing hides and possibly obtaining meat from bones. …

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