The human genome

The human genome is the term used to describe the individual genes located on our chromosomes that separates us from all other living beings. Should altering these genes to improve life itself, by treating and preventing terminal illnesses, be allowed? Lots of moral and social problems arise when faced with this issue. In my opinion if the human race has learns how to read its own genetic code to improve longevity there is nothing wrong with it. It simple goes back to survival of the fittest.
The upside to genome research is that cancer and other illnesses can be determined before they take affect, as well as providing treatments made individually for that specific person. A baby that was once terminally ill could have corrected genes, allowing it to lead a full healthy life instead of dying in thefirst few years of its existence. The downside is the moral debate of "playing god" and the ethical decision of right or wrong.
I believe that, for whatever your religion, if your creator made you, he made you to live and to live you must learn. And when you learn you apply what you learned to life. We are humans yes, but we are not far from monkeys genetically. Chimpanzees, in Africa, learn to use tools to better gather food. What they learned improved their life so they continue to live and find new tools over time becoming smarter. We are no different. If we learn to use technology that we developed to improve upon human life, what is so wrong with genome research? Like any other human endeavor, the decoding of the human genome is not a bad thing. It is only in the use of it that some may do harm. Controls need to be set up to limit this possibility as much as possible. I believe God gave us the ability to do all the things we do, and the only requirement is that we do no harm while using those abilities. If one thinks of it, knives (which one may use to kill), cars (which can be used to run over others), surgery (which

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