The Human Genome Project

The Human Genome Project; Everyone thought it would take 15 years to complete. After all they did have to map out a little over 3 Billion Gene Code Sequences. They begun in October 1990, And it was finished in December 2001. "The Human Genome is like a book", said one the scientist who worked on The Human Genome Project, "Because for each person it tells a different story".In The Last 10 years they have used up millions and millions of dollars to start using computers, and make the project fully automated. The computers "cleave" the DNA into fragments, then the DNA is dyed, and then a laser reads the colors, and each color represents a C, G, A, or a T.
The Human Genome Project makes it possible to be tested to see if our children will get a whole assortment of diseases. Such as TySacks, or Huntington's disease, both which are genetic disorders and took 10 to 15 years to find the genetic mutations that causes them. Humans are 99.9% similar to all other humans, that means that only .1% of our genes are the ones that make us all unique, and so vastly different from one another.Also 30% of the genes in a Banana are what makes up a human as well, and humans only have twice the amount of genes as a fruit fly… So what makes us so different. A fruitflys genes may only make 1 protein, where as the same gene in a human can make up to 3 or 4 different proteins. Proteins are 3D, and are a specific shape. People say the next step in The Human Genome project doesn't have to do with genes so much as with proteins, and mapping out the shape of them. So that maybe one day, we'll be able to fix the proteins in a individual. In order to be sure that we know the gene sequence that makes something react a certain way, you need to find differences within a single family. The perfect place for finding such things is in Iceland, Where they have everyone's in Iceland's full Geneoly in a huge dat

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