The Human Cloning Nightmare

If it took 227 tries before the scientists that created Dolly got a healthy, viable lamb, how
many tries will it take for a human? And how many deaths and lethal birth defects would it take
(www. 1) Cloning has always been a dream in sci-fi novels and movies and
suddenly it is becoming a reality. A horrible reality. The government of the U.S. has banned
testing for the cloning of a human. But how can we be so sure that isn't already going on?
Although cell cloning may be helpfulfor medicine may be helpful for medicine in finding diseases
and organ donation, I believe human cloning is unethical and should never be done. Human
cloning is against manyreligious beliefs and the results are unpredictable. Cell cloning on the
other hand may prove to be beneficial.
The majority of religions protest the continual advances in the push for human cloning."
Religious arguments are based largely on the traditions and scriptures unique to each faith" ( 1) For example, the Roman Catholics believe that every act of human
cloning is ofevil nature. They believe that cloning violates the rights and dignities of humans, and
destroys the divine image of man created under God. In general,most people of the Catholic and
other Christian faiths believe that each person holds a human soul, different from one and other.
According to these beliefs it is impossiblefor the soul of a personto be cloned along with the
physical being. Similarly, the people of the Jewish religion believe with human cloning comes
deception within the family structure. In Jewish tradition,inheritance is passed down through the
family lines and cloning would disrupt such practices. This is in accordance to the Jewish
viewpoint on man's destiny and inheritance. Inheritance would change from physical
characteristics present in the parents andshowing in offspring,to…

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