The History of Nitrous Oxide and its Effect on Automobiles

The History of Nitrous Oxide and its Effect on Automobiles.
When many automotive technicians are asked what they think would boost an engine they would answer Nitrous Oxide.Nitrous Oxide is a chemical compound that contains two nitrogen atoms for every oxygen atom. Nitrous oxide is almost always mistakenly called "NOS," which is an acronym for the company, Nitrous Oxide Systems. “Nos” is the biggest manufacturer of nitrous oxide injection systems for automotive use.
Nitrous oxide is a colorless, non-flammable gas with a slightly sweet taste and odor.When the gas is injested or inhaled it tends to make one laugh or experience a brief period of the chuckles.This is where the nickname "laughing gas" came from.Too much inhalation of nitrous oxide could cause death because the normal properties (i.e. atmospheric temperature and pressure) of the gas do not allow for the absorption of the Oxygen molecules by themselves.This often causes axfixiation and a most painful death.This is why it is important to make sure your NOS lines are hooked up good in your car because you don’t want to be breathing the stuff in.
The Germans were thefirst people to use nitrous oxide in engines when they used it in aircraft during WWII.Many other countries picked up on the idea and started injecting their own aircraft engines with the substance. In the late 1950;s nitrous oxide wasfirst used in America by stock car racers to cheat. Soon after racing organizations banned its use because of fairness and safety issues. Then again nitrous oxide was ;rediscovered; by drag racers and hotrodders who needed the extra boost.Many funny cars run super nitrous methane gas still today to make 5’s in the quarter mile.
The science behind it all is quite simple.When the compound is heated to fission point (570 degrees ferenheit) the molecule splits into the pure forms of oxygen and nitrogen.This provides for …

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