The Hemlock Society: A Heinou

Euthanasia is a commonly debated issue that raises question as to medical ethics.If euthanasia is deemed ethnical due to the moral principal, it allows a patient mercy, than it is the practice of euthanasia that is unethical.Hemlock society members world wide argue it is our duty to rid suffering and cause no further pain to terminally ill patients but using plastic bags and helium to end a persons life are no more respectable and dignifiable ways to die than letting nature take its course.
In 1980, the Hemlock Society was founded by Derek Humphry as a non-profit organization.It currently has almost twenty-five thousand members and has seventy chapters in thirty-two states.The Hemlock society was designed to allow people choice and dignity at their time of departure.The organization believes in calm, placid, deaths with the accompaniment of family and/or friends.
The Hemlock Societies own personal website (www.hemlock .org) describes in detail each of the supported methods of self-deliverance.The website also summarizes the annual conference, its speakers, and events.Titling the site, "Death With Dignity" proves the true hypocrisy of the organization.A dignified death does not include the degrading contraptions they recommend for suicide.These controversial and clumsy machines are described in detail mixed among the information on the international conference.
This website describes the annual conference titled, "Self-Deliverance New Technology Conference."Displayed at this conference were new devices designed to take a persons life.A demonstration of"The Exit Bag" was showcased. This bag is a hand-made plastic bag designed for use in self-deliverance.It is enthusiastically described as being made of clear strong industrial plastic and having an adjustable collar.It comes with a flannel lining and terry cloth neckband.This device was available to order for $4

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