The Hazards of Science

Have you ever heard of the term hubris? Hubris defines the actions people partake in that are reserved only for Gods.This means that at times people play the roles of Gods.Is this acceptable?It depends on the situation as to whether or not hubris is acceptable.There are distinct times when hubris is both allowable and unacceptable.
When people make the comment, "I am God," do they really mean it?Of course not.They are merely stating that they feel their status in life at that time is above those of their piers.It is a feeling of joy people get when they win a game or race.It is a truly safe feeling of hierarchy.This doesn't mean that God has been reincarnated as that person.This is a safe and often reassuring feeling.
Another safe example of hubris is often shown in parenting.Parents often scold their children and sometimes reiterate that they are God.Again, this doesn't mean that God has been reincarnated as that person.It is merely a teaching method that establishes a chain of command.The parent is ensuring that the child knows who is in charge.This teaching method can be safe and affective if not blown out of proportion.
An issue that many feel is skeptical is the United States role in World affairs.The United States often times looks as if it is guilty of hubris.The United States wants to know that it has some control and mediation of all the countries.In a way, this is unacceptable hubris.Countries have the right to govern themselves as they wish.They shouldn't be told what to do by an outside party.This affects the issue of their freedom. Just how much freedom do people really have when the United States plays God?Americans don't realize just how good they have it.There are no other countries that try to govern Americans and limit their freedom.
The answer as to whether or not the United States takes part

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