the Green sea turtle

The green sea turtle is classified in the reptile species; their direct order is Chelonia.They can be found all over the world, they prefer warm waters of tropical and subtropical near continental coasts and around islands and, in climates where the water temperature does not go below 68* F.The green turtle is only known to be endangered on the coast of Florida and the pacific coast of Mexico.In all of it's other habitats it is only considered to be threatened.Green turtles are generally found in shallow waters, and they are attracted to lagoons and shoals, that have large amounts of marine grass and algae for their diet.
The average size of the green sea turtle is anywhere from 3 ?- 4 ft long with an average weight ranging between 350 and 375 pounds.The green sea turtle's shell is somewhat heart shaped, and has an average color of dark brown with hints of yellow and white in it.The male turtle have slightly longer, narrower carapaces than the females do.The males also tend to have enlarged curved claws on the front of their flippers.The purpose of these claws is for the male to be able and grip the female during the mating ritual.
The Diet of a green sea turtle consists mostly of marine algae, seaweed, and other sea grasses.However the Green turtles occasionally eat jellyfish, sponges, and small mollusks.They are also the only sea turtle whose diet consists mainly of plants, however the hatchlings do tend to be more carnivorous.Because the green turtle is mainly a plant eating animal they have a serrated jaw surface, which has proven to be very helpful for them in eating sea grasses.The best places for the green turtle to find their food source is far away from the beaches that they use for nesting, because of this the turtles have developed an astounding migratory habit.
The ideal nesting area for the green turtle is an open beach with a sloping platform and very minimal disturbances…

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