The future of an illusion

Written in 1927, Freud notes that The Future of an Illusion is a book written in regard to the present and future state of religion, with a particular focus on the progression of religion rather than one specific event. Also, the book centers less on religious practices and rituals, and more on a firm belief in God. The book appears to be based around one assumed fact: that human life exists in a natural world, which does not always treat us so friendly. Though it is our natural world that has created and nurtured us, it will constantly attempt to destroy our specie through diseases, natural disasters and other forms of defeat. The situation or relationship of humanity to nature is one of the children to the parents. In response to nature's threats, we have created groups and communities in an attempt to gather and create a civilization of people, though it should be noted that this does not come without a price. Freud asserts that when one enters a community, they must sacrifice many of their personal desires and exercise a great deal of restraint. For example, one can not kill simply out of rage, and one can not have intercourse with a married other, these natural instincts must be restrained. Yet, despite all of this sacrifice and restraint exercised, we are forever helpless in the face of nature. In the perpetual battle between humans and nature, sickness and death will always win in the end.
Moving on, Freud notes that this unhappy reality does not sit well with many people. In fact, it destroys what many hold closest to their heart: a sense of ultimate protection by a father figure, which was often felt during childhood. Even as mature adults, many people long for that sense of security, despite knowledge that it does not exist. Freud notes that this is where the voice of religion enters, providing a childhood sense of security that can not be found elsewhere. Religious beliefs projec

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