The Fist Amendment and Hate Speech

Hate speech, I have to say is one of the most controversial arguments when considering the fine line that we have to draw when people claim that it is their constitutional right to oppress others with their words based on their religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference, or skin tone.Since 1942, where the Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Hampshire in the Chaplinksy v. New Hampshire, fighting words were considered to be outside ourfirst amendment rights, but this was overturned in the 19992 case of R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul, where a teenager burned a cross in the yard of a black family, and since then hate speech, categorized as "fighting words," has become a constitutional right
I personally think that hate speech is one of the things that we are going to have to accept, because it is entwined to other forms of derogatory statements that keep America in balance.Political satire for example, hardly ever true and often misleading, holds Americans to a shred of the fundamental political world that most would forsake altogether.Americans tend to turn a cold shoulder towards politics today due to its reputation for deceit and lies.Political satire keeps politicians on their toes, showing that they are not above the law and keeping them wary not to step out of line, because they are being watched.For these reasons political satire in my mind is fundamental in the world.
Tying political satire to hate speech, we must all recognize that the American government cannot go on a crusade to stamp out everything it considers calumnious.When it does, legislation generalizes, and hate speech's "fighting words" are applied in broader terms.
Here's an example to support my statement."Fighting words" aren't limited to hate speech, there are other areas where people have felt offended and legislation has been applied, such as the political scene.John McCain's vendetta for …

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