The Final Debate

The third and last debate was held on Wednesday, October 13, 2004. The debate, between President George Bush and Senator John Kerry, was a debate on domestic issues. Overall, I believe George Bush won the debate because he enforced equality among Americans, assured seniors about the Social Security system, and stated the facts on education in the country.
Bush stated that improved education is the surest route to equality for all Americans. "But let me talk about what’s really important for the worker you’re referring to, and that’s to make sure the education system works, it’s to make sure we raise standards. Listen, the No Child Left Behind Act is really a jobs act, when you think about it. The No Child Left Behind Act says we’ll raise standards, we’ll increase federal spending. But in return for extra spending, we now want people to measure, states and local jurisdictions to measure, to show us whether or not a child can read or write or add and subtract," said President Bush. President Bush assures that each child will obtain the necessary education to receive a college diploma. Bush shows that by measuring early, when they find a problem, they spend extra money to correct it.
When Bush was asked about the estimated $1 trillion deficit the Social Security system faces, he sought to assure seniors that they are "still going to get their checks" as he tries to get Congress to consider reforms that would partially privatize the system for younger workers. "I remember the 2000 campaign people said if George W. gets elected, your check will be taken away. Well, people got their checks. And they’ll continue to get their checks,; stated the President. Bush proved that the seniors continued to get their checks.
Last, after Kerry accused Bush of cutting Pell Grants, a need-based college scholarship, Bush altered the accusation when he pointed out accurately that about 1 million more st

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