The Facts about Space Exploration

The Facts about
Space Exploration

Many people believe that space exploration is just a waste of time and money.It's true, space exploration is a very expensive investment, but think of the countless inventions and emotions that these amazing missions brought us.Today we are still inventing and improving existing inventions to use for NASA and space technology.Plus the landing of Americans on the moon was an important part of our nations great history and patriotism.

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Technology is one of the most important areas that space exploration affected and added to the most.Many navigational and communication advances were conceived because of the need for them in space and on the ground.Space prompted a technology revolution; inventions such as the Global Positioning System, the cell phone, and new more powerful radios all utilize satellites to function. These inventions changed communication as well as entertainment forever. Other uses for the new technology were found in the military; missiles, guidance systems, radar, rocket technology, and ICBM missiles all stemmed from the original NASA technology.Today each one of these inventions aid in the protection of our country and other countries as well.And on a more simple and common level, many household products werefirst invented for use in the shuttle; these inventions include tin foil, microwaves, and home computers.The technological advances discovered in space exploration changed our world forever.

With any amazing achievement there are a rush of emotions, joy, fear, accomplishment, wonder, awe, and respect.One thing that we are forced to remember is that the astronauts on Apollo 12 were just humans such as ourselves.Many people don't think about this, astronauts are thought to be amazing super humans that are traveling into a forbidden place.Astronauts are doing great things but they are just as common as the people in your neighborhood …

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