The Exercise of Power In Praying For Sheetrock

The Exercise of Power in Praying for Sheetrock
Politics is defined in many ways in modern society.It can be defined as the art of government.It could also be defined as the activities or affairs of a government, politician, or a political party.However, after reading Praying for Sheetrock, Many argue that politics is merely the exercise of power.This exercise of power is centered around two main characters. Tom Poppell is the sheriff of McIntosh County and rules over it with great power for many years.Thurnell Alston, a poor black man, rises to the situations at hand, and is able to grasp power.
Tom Poppell was born and raised in McIntosh County.Tom became the sheriff by inheriting the title after his father, Sheriff Ad Poppell, died in 1948.He ruled the county with a strong hand and was able to establish a 31-year reign as sheriff.Sheriff Tom Poppell exercised his power in many ways in order to keep his county running smoothly.
Sheriff Poppell was able to establish a lengthy rule for many reasons.Poppell let his citizens know of his power in many ways.Some would say, "You weren't scared when you saw him coming, but you could feel the power."(2)This power was evident in the society, and many people admired him for it."He was the kind of guy you might fight him politically, but when it was over and you were in trouble, he was thefirst one to help you. If you weren't careful, he'd be your best friend."(5)
Sheriff Poppell was a wise man.He knew what was best for his county and how to keep it running smoothly.Poppell used his power to further his accomplishments and see his goals realized."In modern times Sheriff Poppell was the neighborhood headman who exerted his will and shaped the county, and the people acquiesced as people do when they are not, themselves, hungry for power and when they are permitted to make a living far from the rumpus."(13)She…

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