The Executive Branch

Powers and Limitations of the Executive
Needless to say, the executive branch of our government is historically and presently a key role in our approach to an envisioned perfection of democracy.The executive has such a substantial effect in nearly every aspect of our political and economical situation because of the powers we the republic have chosen to delegate and entrust to this office.Because of its importance and power I felt impetus to write on this topic.
The executive is a power in itself independent of the Congress but also in most cases restricted in power by that of Congress and the Supreme Court.The Constitution is specific on a few certain powers of the executive while being somewhat vague on other powers based more so on one's interpretations and also precedents that may have been set forth in previous terms.But we may want to read the ‘fine print’ because along with these executive powers there come limitations in order to prevent any sort of tyranny or dictatorship.
Probably the most effective or compelling power given the executive would be the veto power in which case the president may veto a bill sending it back to its origin with reasoning.Some would say the veto power is a means of defense for him and his office from being reduced to a subject of the legislature, thus maintaining its independence.Of course, even the president's most compelling power has limitation.Congress is able to override his veto with a two-thirds vote in both houses.Of the 2,550 vetoes signed by our past 42 presidents, 106 were overridden by Congress, a little over 1%.This is not a discouraging number when analyzing the power the executive possesses.
As much as the president is himself a powerful figurehead of our country, those appointed directly below him as part of the executive branch have a considerable amount of influence and say in the president's decision making.For this very reason, the …

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