The Electoral College

Recent events have shown a need for change in a certain part of the United States’ society; the Electoral College.”Decision 2000″, as it was rightfully called, was the 2000 Presidental election mainly between George W. Bush and Al Gore.The reason the Electoral College needs to be changed is because it is complicated, creates unequal campaigning by the canidates, and out dated.This not only effects Congress, the Presidental canidates, and the Supreme Court, but it also effects the current and future voting public.This problem couldn’t be more urgent due to the recent election and the complications involved.Although this change is needed, some of the possible consequences would be reforming the constitution, Supreme Court trials, and the need for change in the way Presidental canidates campaign.I am specificly involved due to the fact that I am a newly registered voter.This brief overveiw will be the basis for how I present my possible solutions.
The problems with the Electoral College are that it is outdated, confusing, and contraversial.These problems will be demonstrated by actually explaining how the Electoral College works with the possible solutions to them.
The Framers were wary of giving the people the power to directly elect the President or simply because a national election, in the time of oil lamps and quill pens, was simply impractical.Some proposals gave the power to the Congress, but this did not sit well with those who wanted to see true separation of the branches of the new government. Still others felt the state legislatures should decide, but this was thought to make the President too beholden to state interests.The Electoral College, proposed by James Wilson, was the compromise that the Constitutional Convention reached.Though the term is never used in the Constitution itself, the Electors that choose the President at each election are traditionally called a College.In the context of the…

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