The Efficency of Golf Carts

Review of Literature: Golf Cart Efficiency
In Peachtree City, 9 out of every 10 people own a golf cart.Most just sit in garages sprawled throughout the city limits, and occasionally get driven around for short distances.Some people actually use them to play golf!But how much money does it actually cost to drive those helpful yet sometimes sparingly driven machines?Well that's just about to be answered.To compare, a car, the most driven vehicle on the planet, will be used for comparison.First, though, one must understand the inter-workings of both cars and golf carts to further understand the efficiency of either.
Golf carts work similarly to cars, but have different types of power sources.Most golf carts are powered by DC (direct current) electric motors, but some are powered by AC (alternating current) electric motors.The basic DC electric motor is shown in the diagram below.
The basic electric motor uses magnets to create movement.The attracting and repelling forces of the magnets create the rotational motion of the armature (or rotor).The armature is an electromagnet that spins inside the field magnet.This part of the motor is normally encased in a steel shell.On the exterior of the motor, you will find two leads, or battery connections.This is where you run the wires to the batteries.These leads are connected to the brushes, which transfer power from the battery to the commutator.
Most batteries in golf carts are deep cycle batteries.Car
batteries and golf cart batteries are both lead-acid batteries, and have the same chemistry.Golf cart batteries provide minimal short bursts of power when needed, and is designed to be drained of energy completely many times over (100+).To accomplish this, it uses thicker plates.Golf cart batteries also have almost two to three times the Reserve Capacity (RC).RC is defined as "The number of minutes that the battery can deliver 25 amps…

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