The efffects of Louis 16th on France

The French Revolution was a significant milestone in European history,
remembered by many in historical and literary works.The situation in France, mostly
under the leadership of Louis XVI, had a negative influence in France, thus creating a
perfect climate for the French Revolution.France was plagued by both debt, and poor
France was poverty-stricken and burdened with some of the highest debts.On the
financial side, Louis XVI was aided by:Finance Minister Anne Robert Jauques Turgot,
and Interior Minister Chretien Guillaume de Lamoignon de Malesherbes (*The economic
origins of the French revolution, pg. 4).Louisintroduced some of the most oppressive
taxes and instituted financial reforms.Greater reforms were preventedby the opposition
of the upper classes and court.This opposition was so strong that Turgot was forced to
resign and was replaced by Jauques Necker.Lengthy wars, the support to the American
Revolution and the gross amount of taxes paid and the lavish spending of the court
contributed to the huge national debt.The government's financial problems were made
worse after 1740 by the renewal of costly wars (the French revolution, pg. 9).The war of
the Austrian Succession (1740-1748) and the Seven Year's War (1756-1763) were
European wars over the domination of central Europe and colonial and commercial wars
between France and Great Britain (*Aspects of the French Revolution pg. ).At their
end, in 1763 France had lost almost all of it's colonial empire in America and India.In
1778 the French launched an attack againstBritain in the American Revolution.They
were hoping to weakenold rivalries and regain lost colonies.The hopes of the French
were not realized and their participation in the war increased an already heavy national
debt.After Louis XVI granted financial aid (1778-81) to the American colonies
revolting against Great Brit…

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